“Amish Style Party”

PA-Lancaster-Mennonite-Historical-Society—September-20,-2016-14;30;47 (1)PA-Lancaster-Mennonite-Historical-Society—September-20,-2016-14;31;02-2

8- 8- ’58 prints rec[eived]

Amish Style Party

for International convention in Phila[delphia], P[ennsylvani]a (6-17-’58 to 6-20-’58).

Over 1000 delegates—all states_Canada—Thailand, Cuba, etc., etc. Personnel-employed. security

I retired—July 31, 1’58.

Had a party for several. —Presents. I had 22 years-1936-1958. Age 69-Sept 20. Heave Ho! My lads—

This photograph was among those belonging to Charles “China Charley” Leaman, who was a Presbyterian missionary in China and founded Ambassadors for Christ (AFC). The International Convention is presumably one sponsored by AFC. However, the J. E. Leaman labeled in the photo does not match names with known members of that family, and I have been unable to identify him otherwise.1 

Photo Source: Archives, Ambassadors for Christ, 21 Ambassador Drive, Paradise, Pennsylvania. 

  1. Ivan B. Leaman, “The Remarkable Leaman Family of Leaman Place” Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage 40, no. 1 (January 2017):26-40. 

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